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About Dream Team

In my years of being a professional wedding photographer, I quickly noticed how important a great, prepared, and entertaining DJ was to the overall excitement and outcome of events. Seeing a need in my area for more conscientious DJ’s, I combined my wedding knowledge with my love of music to create Dream Team Entertainment – ultimately to deliver an exceptional service to you!

Dream Team Entertainment is more than just one man, carefully selected music, and the perfect ambient lighting. We strive to exceed your expectations, and never to be compared to the “average” Disc Jockey. The “right” DJ will highlight you and your event, seamlessly leading your guests from moment to moment. We are entertainers; we prepare for your specific needs to not only delight you but to also earn your referral.

James B Moore
DJ / MC / Lighting Designer

The first time I heard a DJ manipulate a record to create his own sounds and style, I was a kid. I had always been interested in all kinds of music – but from that moment, I was hooked. As I grew older, I was fortunate to know some great people who were willing to show me the way in the industry. One night, while I was still learning, I helped out a bar-owning friend when his DJ failed to show up on time. It was my first crowded room – and I was invited back to perform after that night. One could say that a professional DJ was born that night, but in my heart I was an enthusiastic DJ playing to an energized crowd long before then. Now, I am doing what I love at every opportunity and enjoy participating in the special moments in my clients’ lives. I am constantly studying ways to improve my self and my entertainment. I have studied with some of the greatest DJ in the business. I have attended conferences and workshops as well as video instructions with Mike Walters, Joe Bunn, Sean “Big Daddy” Mckee, Steve Moody, Arnoldo Offermann, and Randy Bartlett. I have studied performance, speaking as well as the business parts of a mobil DJ service. I wish to build the best company in the area with out the ego that comes with most DJs. At the end of the day, it is still your event that we have the pleasure to perform and attend. James Moore