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Up Lighting

Let us create a warm and romantic venue for your special day. Our lighting designers will customize with With Up-lighting we can create a warm and romantic setting for your special day. We can add details or highlight details within the room. We can even have the whole room glow in the color of your choice. This can create a marvelous and stunning room. Take your event to the next level


Own the room and put your name on it. This amazing effect will make the room stand out with your names or monogram in lights.We can create custom monograms for your special day. We can add colors, shapes, even create moving background.

With our projector style of Monogram production, we can create just about any design you like. We have lots of free templates to choose from. I can also sit down and design one custom for your day. Some chose to have just their initials, while some like there full names in them. Then for those who have a deeper vision, we can add movement, shapes, and art work. Just about anything is possible.